Alpha Troop 69 Cav — Part III

Danger and desire in the desert

Stryker Field Exercise Photo by CM Jaxon

Roquel was filled with mixed emotions trying to process what was happening with her troops. A mix of anger and relief rushed through her. Her soldiers were attacked, yet they were all still alive despite being shaken and banged up. Once she had accountability of everyone from the convoy, her nerves calmed down. Her attention shifted to Captain Blanco. Why was this the first time I’m seeing him? She thought. The base was the size of a large suburban neighborhood. Under normal circumstances, they would have run into each other in the dining facility or the gym. As he walked towards her, Roquel’s body froze. She surveyed his medium brown smooth skin. She couldn’t help notice his defined chest peeking through his scrub top.

“You must be their commander?” His dark brown eyes softened while making eye contact with her.

“Yes, I am.” Clearing her throat, Roquel stared at his straight white teeth.

“I’m Lorenzo Blanco, the Charge Nurse on shift.” extending his hand.

“Roquel Adams,” her calloused hands gave him a firm and strong shake.

“It’s good to see commanders checking on their soldiers after an attack for more than a status report to the higher-ups.”

“Thank you, we are family.” She responded, trying not to crack a smile. “I wanted to make sure they knew we had their backs, and if they needed anything, we are here for them.”

Smiled while nodding his head in approval. “Wish more commanders were like that.”

“Thank you,” Roquel felt an immense sense of pride. Even though Captain Blanco was a peer, it meant a lot hearing it. Their gazes locked, but Roquel was mindful not to present anything that would spark curiosity or rumors. But something about him made her examine him closely while not making it too obvious. For a first impression, she was quite pleased with what she saw. After what felt like an eternity of subtle back and forth glances. Their moment was interrupted by First Sergeant Walker.

Clearing his throat, “Ma’am, everyone is good to go. We need to go to the Battalion Headquarters.”

Roquel looked at Lorenzo, wishing they could speak longer. Her attention shifted to the First Sergeant. She nodded, then thanked Lorenzo before heading leaving the hospital.

The rest of the day was filled with completing reports to send to the battalion headquarters. The morning mission was canceled due to increased threats. This allowed Roquel to work later than usual to catch up on more paperwork that needed her signature. While looking at her computer screen, a green icon popped up in her messenger box.

Lorenzo B — Hey, it’s Captain Blanco

Rocky A — …Hey

Curious, she paused. “How did he find me online?” Roquel watched the bubble form, not sure she should block him or not. She clicked on his profile to check out his online personality. He listed himself as single with an American Bulldog. Typical soldier profile: gym rat, outdoorsman, hanging out with the guys. In every other photo, he had his shirt off. He was handsome. It was nice to not have the blinders on, plus he wasn’t in the same battalion. Then she saw a friend request from him.

Lorenzo B — I hope I am not intruding. You caught my attention, but it didn’t want to seem weird trying to chat while you were there to check on your soldiers.

Rocky A — Yeah, thanks. It would be very inappropriate and weird.

Lorenzo B — I just wanted to say I am impressed and sympathize with you. I get a lot of confused looks and side-eye when I tell folks I’m a nurse. Especially from the field grades and sergeant majors, I treat.

Rocky A — LOL, I know, right. A lot of the old heads act like it’s the 1950s.

They texted back and for two hours until Roquel realized how late it was getting.

Rocky A — Hey I have to go. It was fun chatting with you.

Lorenzo B — Same to you beautiful, can I text you tomorrow?

Rocky A — Sure ;-)

Roquel and Lorenzo limited their in-person meetings to not become a topic of base gossip. They decided on periodically having lunch or dinner to avoid prying eyes and nosey soldiers. Even though a lot had changed in the Army, rumors and messy highschool drama did not. It didn’t matter that she and Lorenzo were peers and single. Being labeled a Desert Princess was the worst thing you could call any woman deployed. Once labeled, all credibility and respect were lost. To avoid gossip, the bulk of their communication was restricted to chatting online.

They talked about everything. Life in the Army, music interests, and plans for when they returned back to the states. They had so much in common to the point they joked about being related. Lorenzo’s family immigrated from the Dominican Republic, and he grew up in Miami. The more they talked, the closer they became. Talking to Lorenzo became a regular routine that made the deployment time go faster.

She found herself fantasizing about him. Shirtless, his defined chest and abs under her fingertips. When her mind drifted, she imagined the feel of his lips touching hers. His subtle flirtations intensified her fantasies. Their mutual attraction grew like smoldering embers. Waiting on the right burst of oxygen to consume their kindling.

Seeing Lorenzo gave her butterflies. Roquel tried to stay coy. Especially during their weekly engagement at the dining facility. Their time spent over unseasoned chicken breast and boiled vegetables made eating the bland food tolerable. It also gave them an excuse to spend more than 30 minutes together. She could feel the attraction growing with each passing moment.

Roquel’s dreams were consumed with being with Lorenzo. She wanted nothing more than to feel his mouth all over her body. Months of no sex with an attractive nurse flirting online was making it hard for her to focus. She wanted him, and she wanted him bad. Tracing her lips with her fingers, she was growing wet. The tension between her legs began to throb. The desire to cum made her unable to sleep. She logged on to see if Lorenzo was online. Her heart began to race when she saw he was.

Lorenzo B — You’re up late. Is everything alright?

Rocky A — Yeah, I can’t sleep. Had something on my mind.

Lorenzo B — Oh, want to talk about it? What’s been on your mind?

Rocky A — You…

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