Alpha Troop 69 Cav — Part IV

Danger and desire in the desert

Field Training Exercise Photo by CM Jaxon

“Is that right?” Lorenzo replied, “You have been on my mind too.”

Roquel took a deep breath as she reread Lorenzo’s last text. Her heart began to pound faster, wondering what to say next. She couldn’t invite him to her room; it would definitely be a scandal. The soldiers would gossip about it for months non-stop. The flirty banter over the last few months fed the flames of desire that continued to grow. She wanted so badly to feel his touch across her body. The fear and concern of being the joke and gossip of the base crippled any attempt to make a move. If only they were stateside. The privacy of their individual residences would be their playground.

Her mind raced with thoughts of spending the weekend together. Naked in bed enjoying each others’ company. Sex, nap, eat and repeat: a marathon of multiple orgasmic ecstasies. This made Roquel even more turned on. The possibility of taking this thing further and outside of the deployment.

Lorenzo — “What do you want to do?”

Roquel — “When?”

Lorenzo — “Right now?”

Roquel — “Let’s take a walk around the base.”

Lorenzo — ” Where do you want to meet?”

Looking at her watch, Roquel noticed Midnight chow was open. Before she responded, Lorenzo text, “The Dining Facility it’s open now.” She agreed and changed into her summer PT uniform, and grabbed her 9mm and holster.

While walking to the dining facility Rocquel’s mind raced. Their mutual attraction to each other seemed to multiply immediately. With so few people outside this late, her heart raced even more. The walk from her CHU was short, and there he was, looking sexier than ever. Lorenzo was an individual deployer, so he didn’t have to wear his uniform outside of duty. A screen tee and gym shorts never looked so good in a sea of various uniforms. Many of the other soldiers assumed he was a civilian contractor. His smile lit up when he saw her walking towards her.

“Hello there. Nice to see you this fine evening.”

“Yes. The first time seeing each other this late,” Smiling back at him.

“Are you hungry?” his gaze locked in on hers.

“ Why yes, I am,” the loud sound of her stomach growling, feeling slightly embarrassed.

They were only allowed to take a to-go plate. Lorenzo asked, “ where do you want to eat.” Roquel paused for a moment, then looked towards the motor pool. She realized she had forgotten to give the Ops NCO the keys to A106, and it was attached to her room key for safekeeping. “Ever been in the back of a Stryker before?” she smiled.

Lorenzo’s pearly white smile grinned wide like the Cheshire Cat once she mentioned the Stryker. “No, but I am down,” he responded. They walked toward the motor pool, the area was poorly lit, but they could still see. Roquel looked around to see if anyone saw them. Nervous and excited, she was having a private late night dinner with this sexy nurse.

Roquel handed Lorenzo her plate while she started up the Stryker. Relieved at how quiet the engine was, it did not attract any attention. She entered the vehicle from the gunner’s hatch then lowered the back ramp. The inside is still dark but dimly lit from the control station in the driver’s pit.

“Watch your step,” extending her hand out towards Lorenzo to guide him in. “Wow, this is nice, it’s more spacious than a Bradley.”

“Oh, really, you’ve been inside a Bradley?”

“Yeah, I use to be a CAV Scout in my previous life.”

“Nice, what made you change branches?”

“Deployed in Iraq, my platoon was on a patrol mission. My best friend’s Bradley was hit by an IED. He was the gunner and took the majority of the blast. The medic on the convoy was an incompetent shit who froze as my best friend bled out. This motivated me to go into the medical field. So I applied to the Green to Gold Nursing program, and here I am.”

Roquel paused from eating her burger and looked at Lorenzo in amazement. She never guessed he was prior service. Shaking her head in solemn agreement, it made her think about her troops. Attacked just a few months prior. The event that led to their meeting.

Lorenzo took a deep breath and looked around the dimly lit carriage. “Hey, do you have any Chem Lights?”

“Yeah, right here” Roquel reached for a box tucked away on the top shelf above their heads.

Lorenzo grabbed the box and cracked two. The vehicle carriage lit up with a greenish-yellow glow. “That’s much better. I get to see your beautiful face clearer.”

Smiling hard, Roquel appreciated the privacy of finally being alone with Lorenzo. They stared at each other for what seemed like minutes. Lorenzo set his plate down and pulled Roquel on top of his lap. They kissed with such intense passion. Roquel felt her legs grow weak and heart racing at the same time. Her body screamed yes as Lorenzo’s hands holding her body. His lips were soft, her face brushing up against his stubbyface. She could feel the warmth growing in between her legs.

Roquel adjusted her position and straddled her legs around Lorenzo. Holding the back of his neck, their kissing intensified. She wanted nothing more than to feel his hands all over her body. Soon she could feel his bulge growing. She peeled Lorenzo’s shirt off. His body glowed against the lumination of the chem lights. He peeled her top off without skipping a beat. Her bra came off too. His hands caressing her breasts. His tongue tracing her nipples before sucking on them. Roquel let out a gasp of excitement.

Lorenzo picked her up and laid her down on the floor of the cab. Roquel’s back arched slightly from the contact with the cold surface. Her legs pulling him closer. The heat from his body made the cold surface disappear.

Lorenzo slid his hand inside of her shorts. His fingers stroking her clit. Roquel moaned in pleasure. Her pussy soaking wet. She didn’t want him to stop. Kicking off her shoes, she wiggled out of her shorts. Lorenzo pulled down his shorts. His cock rock hard, the head stroking the opening of her hot wet pussy. In a slight pause, they gazed deep into each other. This is actually happening.

Roquel took his cock and slid inside her. She gasped at how thick he felt as she pulled his hips closer and he began to stroke deeper. She moaned and cried out, biting his shoulder. Lorenzo wrapped his arm under her thigh and leveraged her hip higher. Thrusting deeper, he let out a moan. Roquel hooked her legs around his hips, making his strokes harder and deeper.

“Yes, Yes,” Roquel cried out, feeling the building pressure as she squeezed her pussy around his thick glistening cock. Sweat covering his body. Roquel cried out as she orgasmed. In a seamless move without pulling out, Lorenzo rolled on his back to let Roquel ride him. Bracing the seat, she repositioned herself and moved along his cock. It was a hunger finally being satisfied. Lorenzo held on to her hips while bucking his. She could see his mouth opened from the intensity of her thrusts.

“argh, oh shit,” he gasped. Roquel moaned in the cadence of his thrusts. Lorenzo rolled back on top. His body covered in sweat, Roquel trying to catch her breath. The inside of the Stryker became increasingly warm. The suspensions of the vehicle keeping it from rocking. Dust and sweat covered their bodies. Consumed with lust and the desire to consume each other. “Harder, deeper,” Roquel moaned. Heating Lorenzo’s grunts turned her on even more. “I’m about to cum” he moaned. She could feel his cock getting harder, his mouth getting cool to the touch. Pulling him closer, her legs wrapped around his hips. “Harder deeper,” Roquel moaned. Her orgasm peaked along with his. Lorenzo obliged, picking up the pace. Roquel’s moans grew louder until she couldn’t hold back. Their explosive orgasm came in unison.

Covered in sweat and dust they laid in each other’s arms, Lorenzo’s chest heavy and labored. He kissed Roquel on top her sweaty forehead. She looked up and smiled. “Well I will never look at another Stryker the same again” Lorenzo belted out a laugh. “Yeah me too.”

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